Discount Airfares ? Do These Special Situations Apply to You?

Discount Airfares ? Do These Special Situations Apply to You?

Airlines often offer special discounted fares for people in certain groups or in special situations. Make sure you know whether you are one of these special fares before you book with the title:

1. Students and teachers. Many of the major airlines offer a discounted rate for students who have) an International Student Identity Card (ISIC. This card can also save on other expenses such as accommodation and travel insurance. It is easy to obtain, a> Map: Everything you need to prove is that you at least 12 years old and a full-time students. The card has come with a small fee, but students will find frequent travelers that the card pays off pretty quickly.

The same organization also offers discount travel cards for young people (aged under 26) who are not full-time students, as well as tickets for full-time teachers and professors. If any of these special situations apply to you, you can furtherFor information on how the application by visiting the ISIC website.

About the ISIC, there are several companies that offer student discount travel to meet. If you are a full-time students, conducting an online search for “discount airfare student” and see what kind of discount fares available before you book.

2. Military Discounts. Most airlines offer a military discount. But you may still be able to save by comparison. Also note that this is usually reserved for military discountsMilitary ID card holders, and usually not for extended family.

3. Seniors. Many airlines (especially the discount airlines) will offer a senior discount, for not less than 10 percent of the airfare. Consider first to book before you. You can get a better deal for the flight without your senior discount.

4. Groups and memberships. You do not have to travel with an AAA or AARP group to receive the discounts. If you belong to one of these groupsSure to mention it at the ticket counter, as well, if you want to book your accommodation.

5. Emergencies and bereavement fares. If you are traveling for a funeral, or someone who is very ill to visit, make sure to ask the airline whether they mourning prices or other special fares, which can provide for your situation.

This is typically a significant discount (often close to 50 percent), and you can usually frequent flyer miles on these discounted tickets, such aswell. You must be prepared to the airline with some important information about your situation are available. For example, if you fly on to someone who need to visit terminally ill, to provide the name of the person and your relationship, and the name and telephone number of doctor and hospital. If you are traveling for a funeral or memorial service, you must provide the airline with information about the service, as well as address and telephone number of thethe funeral home.

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